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Courtney’s eye for organization transformed my closet and dresser from a place of chaos to a well-ordered thing of beauty. Not only does Courtney have an eye for order, but she knows how to gracefully manage a clutter-junkie like me.
— S.R., Burlingame
Courtney has an amazing sense of space and was able to quickly size up my cluttered and disorganized hallway and closet. She asked smart questions and was truly helpful in leading me through the process of organization. Space was at a premium so I really needed help to sort through things I’d been putting off for years. Courtney is creative, compassionate, and understands the value of an organized home. Thank you, Courtney!
— C.L., Redwood City
I had Courtney help me tackle my spare bedroom and its closet, which in truth was more like a long-forgotten storage unit. The transformation was amazing, more than I could have imagined (I don’t have that organization gene, it turns out). She helped me purge things that I didn’t even remember I had (but had moved to three different dwellings), organize the reasonable remainder into easy to manage storage areas, and just plain made everything make sense in there. If you are like me and don’t even know where to start, I highly recommend Courtney and her firm, funny and smart way of looking at space and organization.
— L.R., Oakland
Courtney is exceptionally organized, a clear communicator, intuitively empathetic and most importantly: nonjudgmental! Courtney came into my life at particularly stressful time: I was 7 months pregnant, on limited bed rest, my husband was ill and my family lived too far away to help. Courtney to the rescue! Once I was brave enough to let her into the chaos and jumble that was the room designated to be the baby’s room (it was jam packed full of unbuilt furniture, hand-me-downs, things I bought online in the middle of the night and other random things I didn’t know what to do with) she reassured me that she’d seen it all before and we’d get the room “baby-ready” in no time. While I sat in the rocking chair and folded baby clothes Courtney set up the entire nursery with an eye toward comfort, use and looking super cute! Next she tackled my laundry room and pantry storage cupboards. Courtney brought order into my life when I needed it most. Courtney was a positive and calming presence and didn’t make me feel badly for not being able to do these projects myself. In fact, she taught me a valuable lesson about asking for help and how much bigger your life is when you let wonderful people like Courtney into it! She also taught me the value of a label-maker: when you have a box with a label on it hat says “lightbulbs” you’ll know that is where your lightbulbs are!
— L.M., Alameda