Creating a solution for your unique organizing needs


Photo Credit: Carmen Dunham

Each organized space needs to work for the individual. This means that while I might organize a space one way for one client, that doesn’t mean I’d approach it the same way for someone else! I pride myself on really honing in on each client’s needs and creating a system that works for him or her. That’s how a lasting system of organization is created. I have succeeded when the system I put in place is still organized months later.

Some clients like to work along side me, other just want me to dive in and organize the space on my own. We can take on your project whatever way you prefer. 

After an initial consultation, we’ll start by reviewing the goals of the space in need of organizing and do a pass for any items that can be removed, or if all items are necessary to stay. We’ll review how you want the overall look of the space to be and start with a preliminary organization of the space. I like to do the initial organizing with temporary bins and containers to ensure it works for the client, and then return a bit later to follow up, make any needed tweaks and at this point use final decor storage bins (if desired).

Here’s the key elements of my organizing approach:

• Identify what’s going to work best for the client so they have a solution that works for them, long term.

• Think outside the box – sometimes those things that you just don’t see a use for, can be repurposed! Some of my favorites included using a retro ice cube bin to store headbands, and using paper key fobs as colorful hangtags.

• Organizing is not just about purging. Yes, it helps to get rid of the items you do not need, but even large collections can be brought from chaos to structure. While the biggest transformations take place when a space has had a through "pass and purge," even those who are more reticent to let go of possessions can benefit from a more organized space.

• Organizing is not about buying lots of pretty boxes and “organizers.” Sure, those can make for a beautiful closet and can be useful, but I also enjoy working with clients who just want to make use of what they have. 

• Mock up, then set-up. I want systems that work for my clients, long term. I don’t want to just make your closet/mud room/kitchen, etc… look pretty, and then walk away. I want it to be something that really works for you!  Sometimes the best way to do this is to do an initial pass, set up a rough system, test it out for a few weeks to make sure its working, then return to finish off the system, taking any of the client's notes into account.




I enjoy working on various types of organizing projects, including:


Home Offices

Kitchens and Pantries

Kid Spaces – Bedrooms or Playrooms


Pre-move Organizing/Purging

Post-Move Organizing

Estate Sale preparation