The initial 30 minute meeting is complementary. After that meeting, if we're a good match for your needs, the hourly rate for organizing is $100/hour.  

If you'd like me to purchase materials specific to your project, my rate for this is $45/hour and clients reimburse for items at the rate purchased (e.g. I do not mark-up items and re-sell to you, you simply reimburse for whatever actual charges were).

These are ranges, but here’s what you can expect for some of the most common projects:

Closet - 4 to 12 hours

Kitchen Pantry - 4 to 8 hours

Office - 10 to 14 hours

Kid's Room - 8 to 12 hours

I also offer "consultation+" visits.  What's that?  If a full-on organizing service isn't in your budget, I will come over for a 2 hour session to give you tips, pointers, and structure, so that that can start to tackle the project on your own.