BEFORE: Limited shelving and miscellaneous items stashed in closet

BEFORE: Closet

Before: additional limited shelving that didn't meet storage needs for large toys, old TV which was to be moved to new guest room

After: Closet doors removed to make space more accessible to kids.  Craft station created in its space.  Upper shelves used for items infrequently used by kids.

AFTER: pull-out storage bins used to better store toys and for easy kid access.  All were placed along wall so that when walking up stairs, room will appear cleaner.....even if the kids still need to pick up some toys after playing!

AFTER: Placed an UPHOLSTERED toy box under the window which provides great storage for some oversized items, but also was less bulky than the shelves which had been there before and had partially blocked the windows.

AFTER: Arts and Crafts zone - labeled bins will help kids sort materials themselves. the kids who will be enjoying this space are 4 and 5, so kept the bin categories broad and age appropriate, and made sure the bins were easy for little hands to open and close.