Assessing Kitchen Needs

This homeowner had adequate cabinet space, but the placement of items needed a reevaluation. By assessing what their primary cooking needs were, I was able to better utilize the easier-to-reach spaces and store some less often used items in areas that might be a bit harder to get to...although with this tall couple, that was less of a factor! This may be the one home I've done where the cereal boxes are stored on a top shelf! But, that's at the heart of good organizing; creating a system that works best for the specific client!





Small Closet, Big Storage

This client had a lot of assorted items to store in this fairly small closet. While it's great when you can organize a space where all the items are connected to a theme, sometimes the category is truly just "miscellaneous," but those items still need to be found quickly when needed! By repurposing some storage crates the client already had, moving a bulky suitcase down to the floor level and increasing vertical storage with the addition of a bookshelf, I created a more organized and useful space. In addition,  she now has storage for the vacuum cleaner that had been exposed in the corner of the room due to a previous lack of closet space!