Just why do I love to organize....

Photo Credit: sheila garvey

Photo Credit: sheila garvey

Courtney Bergin, Organizer

Organizing for me is about making our busy lives easier and more manageable. It's problem solving to figure out how to best utilize limited spaces and give careful thought to what goes where so that items are stored where you’d first think to look for them! It's creating systems for the things that can otherwise get piled up and then become overwhelming.

Previous to being a professional organizer, I’d been organizing in various other ways. I spent years in the animation industry in multiple roles, but there was one unifying theme that ran throughout: details! From mapping all the elements of building a feature DVD, to tracking each and every line of dialogue needed during the production of a film, to making sure that all the details were coming together for a studio party for 2300 people, I spent years organizing in a corporate setting. I loved it all, but when I started organizing, (first for friends, then for off-hours clients) the satisfaction I felt from the impact my organizing could have, bringing order to their lives, was hard to beat!

As for what else makes me “me," outside of my love to have (nearly) everything in its place….I moved to California from New England nearly 17 years ago and, as long as I can get back to Cape Cod sporadically, I’m happy to call the Bay Area my home! Much of my free time these days is spent with my two young girls and my husband, lots of it on local playgrounds, but we can also be found on hiking trails, seeking out new food trucks or making up silly songs at home. And, when I get a bit of time to myself, I’m likely daydreaming with my Pinterest board or working on one of my (very!) slow to complete sewing projects!